As far as the football infrastructural development is concerned, PFF house Lahore is the biggest achievement under the leadership of PFF President Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat. Prior to PFF house, there was no office for the federation. Located in the heart of Lahore near Qaddafi stadium, PFF House speaks volumes about the dedication and hard work of the present regime. It is a state of the art building with lodging space for the players and team officials along with a mess. It is built upon FIFA standards and it meets all the requirements of being an international master class.
I welcome all the football lovers from Pakistan and across the globe to Pakistan Football Federation's Official Website. I have worked tirelessly to fulfill my dream of seeing Pakistan football shine at the global level and for that we have not only built up our youth teams to strengthen our nurseries to produce players that are nurtured and groomed to compete at the international level but also have reformed our senior national team by giving them exposure and training of the highest order possible within the bounds of meager resources available at our disposal.
The gradual increase in good performance of PFF under the present setup resulted in its triumph of earning AFC Aspiring Award the Year 2013. It makes us proud to state that despite of financial constraints, by the grace of Almighty; Pakistan's Football has taken off and from nowhere it is now seen on the Sports radar as third biggest game in Pakistan. All these factors - a proactive PFF, backup of the FIFA and AFC, positive results of Pakistan National Football Teams and substantive increase in public interest in football, go well for the development of football in Pakistan.
Latest News
02.05.2015 10:36 // AFC Executive Committe
PFF Chief retains his seat as the AFC Executive Committe member
Pakistan Football Federation’s (PFF) president Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat retained his seat in the Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) Executive Committee in the AFC Congress held in Manama on Thursday for the next four-year tenure until 2019.  read more
22.05.2015 18:34 // Pakistan Premier League 2015
President PFF Addressed the AFC A Course Participants
AFC “A” Certificate Coaching Course will help in further improving the standard of football coaching in Pakistan: Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat President PFF president PFF addressed the participants of First ever AFC “A” Certificate Coaching Course ...  read more
18.05.2015 11:34 // Pakistan Premier League 2015
PFF joins hands with Shezan and Ballon Star for PPL 2015
Pakistan Football Federation joins hands with Shezan and Ballon Star (Sponsors) to professionalize Pakistan Premier League from the upcoming 2015 season.  read more
18.05.2015 11:14 // Punjab Football Association
PFA General Council Meeting held at the FIFA Football House
The General Council Meeting of the Punjab Football Association was held at the FIFA Football House Lahore which was presided by Sardar Naveed Haider Khan President Punjab Football Association. The Council Meeting was attended by Members & Office bearers of 21 Districts of Punjab...  read more
18.05.2015 11:08 // AFC Football Day
AFC Football Day Celebrated by PFF
A large number of kids male/female from 5-11 years age group participated in the colourful activities organized by PFF at Model Town Football Club Lahore today on 17th May, 2015. Parents of the participating clubs were also present at this occasion.  read more
WC Qualification - 23.03.15 | 20:30
  Pakistan   0 : 0   Yemen
WC Qualification - 12.03.15 | 20:30
  Yemen   3 : 1   Pakistan
Friendlies - 05.03.15 | 16:00
  Thailand U23   2 : 0   Pakistan
Friendlies - 26.02.15 | TBC
  Malaysia U23   2 : 1   Pakistan
National University Football Project
One of the most emphasized projects that Pakistan Football Federation is working on is the "National University Football Project". The aim of this project is to engage the youngsters inside the universities who follow international football passionately and understand the game. This will be an opportunity for us to spread awareness amongst the masses inside the universities about the development of football in Paksitan , Domestic Competitions and previous and upcoming international events in Pakistan.  read more
AFC Kick Off Programme - Pakistan
The Kick Off programme is a development program exclusively focusing on improvement of the club and league management in each Member Associations. The programme focuses on the assistance of management/ marketing aspect of national league and its participating clubs. With the phenomenal and rapid changes in football taking place throughout the world, especially if the football leagues and clubs development are taken into account, PFF like many other football governing bodies of their respective countries also have to comply with the situation. Providing the solution to many problems in the way of doing so AFC under the guidelines of FIFA has designed and launched a comprehensive project named as AFC KICK OFF Programme. The basic concept of this programme is "Strengthen the Member Associations by improving the level of league & club management".  read more
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